Behavioral Health Business covers Silver Lake transaction

Behavioral Health Business covers Silver Lake Psychology transaction

Behavioral Health Business recently published an May 16th article titled, “ARC Health’s Acquisition of Silver Lake Psychology Marks Shift to Larger Mental Health Practices.” This article talks in detail about the new partnership between ARC Health, which is a unit of Thurston Group, and Silver Lake Psychology, which is a Physician Growth Partners client.

The article by Chris Larson stated, “ARC Health continues its blistering dealmaking spree with the acquisitions of Los Angeles-based Silver Lake Psychology and Denver Wellness Associates. The two deals mark the fifth and sixth acquisitions of the private-equity-backed mental health platform company in 2023 alone. Silver Lake Psychology is the largest firm acquired so far and indicates a focus on larger practices in the future, ARC Health CEO Vince Morra told Behavioral Health Business.”

The article continued by quoting Silver Lake’s founder, Dr. Brandy Engler, in a statement taken from PGP’s press release about the transaction. “We’re confident that the team at ARC can help us expand and take Silver Lake Psychology to the next level.” This is the third behavioral health deal that PGP has completed in the past year.

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