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Speaker’s Bureau

Trying to understand private equity investment in healthcare?

Does your organization or industry group need a speaker that is knowledgeable about the latest trends and challenges for medical practices?

Our team of professionals regularly speak at live conferences, on podcasts, and through webinars around the U.S. They can educate and inform your audience on a wide range of timely subjects.

Some of the topics we can discuss with authority include:

  • How has the healthcare industry been impacted by private equity investment in recent years, and what are the implications of this trend for patients, providers, and other stakeholders?
  • How do private equity firms identify and evaluate potential investments in physician practices, and what factors do they consider when making investment decisions?
  • What are the potential benefits and risks of private equity investment in physician practices, and how can physicians evaluate whether a private equity partnership is right for their practice?
  • How can private equity investment help to address some of the challenges facing physician practices today, such as rising costs, changing regulatory requirements, and evolving patient expectations?
  • What are the long-term implications of private equity investment in physician practices for the healthcare industry as a whole, and how might this impact access to care and patient outcomes?
  • How can private equity investment in physician practices contribute to the growth and expansion of healthcare delivery models, such as telemedicine and value-based care?
  • What are some of the ethical and social considerations that arise when private equity firms invest in physician practices, and how can these concerns be addressed to ensure that patients are not adversely impacted by the pursuit of profit?

Since 2017 our team has worked with more than 50 medical practices in a wide range of specialties.

Recent Speaking Engagements

Jeremy Murphy Presenting to “White Coat Investors” conference 2023

PGP Vice President Jeremy Murphy presents an overview of how our team helps health care clients evaluate private equity partnership opportunities.

Michael Kroin Speaking on The Ortho Show Podcast 2023

Here, Michael discusses the role Physician Growth Partners plays in private equity deals, how you can find the perfect firm to work with, his career in healthcare private equity, and more.

Ezra Simons Speaking on The Technology of Beauty Podcast 2022

Ezra’s experience with the expansion of provider service networks and service line offerings for health systems gave him a deep knowledge of day-to-day operations of physician practices and groups.

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